#FirstLoveEP now available on iTunes!



Genre: Retro Pop/Ambient 

Singer/Songwriter: Christie Brooke

Label: Self-Released

Producer: Michael Koch

About the EP: From the sassy Retro Pop in “Shy Guy” to the moody marimba jam in “Old Friend”, we explore the hopeful greeting of first love to then the abrupt coping with the loss of it. The ambient cinematic lament in “The Past” processes the aching reminiscence of what love once was. Then, in true Christie spunk, the funky, let-your-afro-out power anthem “First Love” rebuttals heartbreak with the empowering rediscovery of what her #FirstLove really is.


 Tahitian by descent, retro pop artist Christie Brooke is a singer-songwriter from the Hawaiian islands.  Having graced world stages and the big screen from a young age, Christie is a seasoned performer whose dynamic, far-reaching talent has put her on the radar as a hot young artist to watch. Classic with an island twist, her music blends the jazz nostalgia of Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee and the spunky cool vocal rawness of Amy Winehouse with fresh, bold original melodies and groovy, uptempo beats that bring to mind the rhythmic, playful clap of the ocean. Perfect melodies for any coffee house or girl’s night out!  Self-releasing her #FirstLove EP, Christie Brooke’s mission is to fearlessly inspire dreamers everywhere to chase what seems impossible, wherever the wave leads.  




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