Christie Brooke Interviews Hollywood, from Whitney Port to Kristin Cavallari!

Words: Christie Brooke

Words: Christie Brooke


Christie Brooke interviews Whitney Port

Christie Brooke interviews Whitney Port

Wild About Whit
Writer: Christie Brooke for DISfunkshion Magazine

Somewhere away from it all in the canyons of Malibu, a glorious breeze blows through the doors of an epically spacious modern home. The refreshingly cool air transfixes to a whimsical presence kindly greeting, “Hi, I’m Whitney”.

The adored TV star and praised designer exudes a powerful poise while her ease stuns the room. Suddenly, the behind the scenes hustle slows to what is now an atmosphere as relaxing as the sound of wind rustling in the mountain’s trees. An effortless beauty has arrived (without a hint of makeup) and looks as naturally captivating as a wild flower. You want to pause (from all the appropriate similes) to take in the way she is: flawless. Plus, her west coast roots make her as easygoing as they come.

A strikingly conscious woman, Whitney soaks in the location. “Isn’t California beautiful?” Whitney ponders aloud as we send our gaze to the background of perfectly sunlit canyons. A compliment coming from a native reveals not only the truly gorgeous day around us, but acknowledges Whitney’s way of being currently in tune.

Looking outwardly and embracing those around her has become Whitney’s new perspective. Isn’t it a little disappointing these days how distracted we become from spending time with those we treasure? I ask. She admits, “Yeah, it’s easy to focus too much on myself– I’m really working on being present with the women in my life.” She spotlights a solution, “Taking the time to spend with them is important. I don’t want to just hear them, I want to listen.”

When speaking with Whitney, I can say first hand she makes you feel heard and understood, which seamlessly translates from her compassionate personality to her designs. Whitney Eve responds to what women want to feel. She describes her brand as “fun, comfortable, eclectic, and feminine”. Her new line vibes “stormy and moody” with “darker sunsets and blue tones.” She collides comfy with edgy in no-seam pieces and also tons to layer.

While her line is full of variety, Whitney is specific when it comes to building her career. Being a jack-of-all-trades is too ambiguous for this fiercely focused fashionista, “I’d rather concentrate on one thing. I want to conquer my brand and become the best designer I can be.” She is blazing the trail boldly, as she advises, “Take risks. Don’t be afraid of failure. In such an opinion based industry, it’s your art that’s risking judgement. But if you don’t take risks, you’ll just be average. Get out of your comfort zone and set different tones. Ask how you can be different and daring while still being appealing.” She reminds us, “You’ll only regret chances you didn’t take.” This bombshell is a force of fab to be reckoned with.

Her diligence spawns from her biggest influence in her life: her father. “He always believed in me. He lead and supported me, helping me to find my path.” Family is what keeps her balanced and flourishing. “My sisters are all really strong women.” They help her on those hard days when she, like any gal must remember to “try your hardest to not compare yourself,” she says. “Accept what you can’t control and work on what you can.” She adds, “Take advantage of the good relationships in your life and thrive off of that.”

Whitney Eve mirrors what Whitney Port presents: a wondrous mix of ease with sophistication and comfort. We are wild about Whitney!
Whitney Witticisms:
Current Music: Alabama Shakes
Favorite Hair Product: “It’s a Ten” leave-in conditioner
I dream of: Backpacking Europe for a couple months, but only after I feel like I deserve it.
Three must-have qualities when dating:
*Sense of humor!
*Someone you can easily communicate with
*Must see you the way you see yourself


Actress Fiona Gubelmann

Christie Brooke interviews Fiona Gubelmann

Christie Brooke interviews Fiona Gubelmann

fiona g2

A Fiona Fairytale

By: Christie Brooke

I could not wait to catch up with my friend Fiona!  Correction– I’ve never met her before, but Fiona Gubelmann could have been my best friend from the fifth grade.  I swear I have memories of us going to the beach when we were ten years old and spilling our secret crushes at sleep overs while painting our nails together.  She gives you the impression that you’ve known and loved her forever.  Fiona fondly draws you in with her adorable charm and you’re over the moon with excitement for what the day with her will hold.

This San Diego sensation is seriously casual in the chic-est way.  The beach babe fit right in at our Leo Carillo seaside location, paying no mind to having her hair and makeup touch ups done in a Prius parked off of the PCH (I’m sure she would have been just as cool with the sandy bathrooms).  Fiona is not only a trooper on set, but fancy-free in her journey to becoming the star we know as Jenna Meuller of the hit FX television series Wilfred with Elijah Wood.

“Ever since I was about four or five, I just wanted to play make believe,” she coyly half-smiles upon reminiscing.  Her vivacious nature is nothing less than infectious and it’s fun to imagine little Fiona dreaming of the day she will narrate the story.  Now, walking red carpets and starring on hit TV shows brings her to the sincerest part of our conversation.  “Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life,” she thrills.  “I have to ask, is this real?  Is this actually happening? …To me?”  

“Working with Elijah Wood,” she reveals, “has made me a better actress.  He is always rehearsing to see how he can make the scene better.  For someone who has been in this industry for most of his life, he remains the kindest most hard working person.  It’s an absolute joy to be around him.”

You see her and wonder, how could there be any doubt her life wouldn’t come to this point?  Yet, like any artist, the journey can be ferocious and completely unknown.  “It’s difficult and scary.  You have to follow the pathless path, and keep at it until it works,” she reflects.  Her parents coached her along the way, never wavering from their belief, “Work hard and anything is possible” Fiona recites.  Her celebratory nature is rooted in a solid UCLA education with a degree in theater; couple that with the diligence required for months of auditioning and you can understand the persistence that has propelled Fiona to this moment.  She had to choose to stay consistent.  “There were so many days I wanted to give up and leave.  I wanted to breakdown and say ‘I’m done’.  Then, I’d have my family encourage me to stick with it.”  And she did!  The direction may not always be clear, but “for any artist, find a way to fulfill your art.  Your passion is your voice.  Find it.  Don’t let it wither up,” she affirms.  

We agree that feeling prime in your person will produce your best art.  “It’s crucial to take time to recharge as an artist.  I went on a trip to Hawaii with my husband where I felt so free.  I got the script for Wilfred after that trip,”  she recalls.   “I brought that same energy into the audition and it happened to be what they were looking for.”  

If she could change anything about this industry, it would be the “unhealthy body images,” says Fiona.  She compassionately states, “There is such pressure to look unhealthily skinny.  My goal is to embrace how I am and love my body.  Someone I admire is Jennifer Lawrence.  She is healthy and fit and still stands out.”  

Fiona’s friends help steer the helm along her career’s current.

With all the hyper body awareness women face today, it’s her mentor Richard Lawson who has encouraged her to keep a keen perspective on image. “He says, we can change the process.  Think positively about how unique you are.  Focus on the good and love those things.”

Fiona’s fairytale has just begun.  She will continue to play make believe as Sara in the CBS show We Are Men as well as Ella in the Horror Sci-Fi film Last Stop to be released this year.  We can’t wait to hear how her story continues to unfold while her dreams plant hope in the hearts of visionaries everywhere.  As the song goes, “Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you…”

Fiona Funnies!

Secret Passion: I want to take singing lessons!  

I Dream Of: Dressing up like a sparkly twenties girl and performing a very sultry tune.

Music Obsession: David Bowie and Lana Del Ray

Random Health Food Snack of Choice: Dates



Christie Brooke interviews Kristin Cavallari

Christie Brooke interviews Kristin Cavallari

k4 k6 k1


Words by: Christie Brooke 

   Maybe it’s a serious mom-glow, but former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari of The Hills is as radiant as she is refreshing.  She’s that beam of California Sunshine through a smoggy LA sky of deceit.  It’s clear, the quizzical squinted eye has only the light to blame, and that light is Kristin.  Her surprising warmth translates beyond the first impression to the point where she has you feeling like you’re about to become best ofs.  When beginning our conversation on motherhood, beauty, and fashion, the only hint of her T.V. persona snuck out through her humorous response, “Good, let’s get this over with,” she witted.  Girl’s got jokes!

Having transitioned to mommyhood beautifully as we can see by her rockin’ bod, emotionally Kristin is on point, “I’m actually calm– I haven’t freaked out yet.” Peacefully aglow in Hair & Makeup, she quiets baby Camden while continuing with me, making mommying look easy.  Most hot moms of Hollywood have their nannies like ducks in a row (not kidding), but not for this Chicago gal, “I’m with him during the day, so I take on more of the responsibility,” Kristin shares.  Her fiancé, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler “gets home in the afternoon and definitely helps out, changes diapers, feeds him; he’s very hands-on.”  We agree, today not many moms know the luxury of dual parenting.  “Having Jay is really helpful.  It’s important to talk about parenting philosophies before having a child.  You want to go in knowing how to raise them to avoid the arguments that can ensue.  Being good parents is our top priority.”  Her spotlight has shifted and it’s all eyes on her biggest role yet, “Being a mom has definitely changed my priorities– it’s all about him.  I’ve turned down jobs that would have kept me in LA because I want to be there for him,” she assures.  Kristin’s pre-baby mommy advice? “Get plenty of sleep!”

Beauty rest isn’t all Kristin needs to feel fab, “I take care of myself, go to the gym, eat well,” but like any lady, “there are good days and bad days,” she admits. “I’m lucky to have Jay who would rather have a couple pounds on me.  He tells me when I’m too skinny.  That helps.”  Living in an image-controlled society, Kristin declares, “I’ve never had work done.  With people who go the plastic surgery route, nothing is ever good enough– they’ll always want more,” she defends, “Real beauty is about having confidence in your own skin.  Focus on the things you like about yourself.”  

For Kristin, living in Chicago keeps her a healthy distance from the LA hustle.  “I’m happy I get to come to LA and get this out of my system, then go back home and live a normal life with my family,”  Yet, she’s not slowing down anytime soon with the launch of her brand spankin’ new shoe collection this December, “The shoes are a range of my personality, from comfortable ballet flats and booties to colorful feminine heels.”  Plus, we can’t wait to wear her new jewelry line early February 2013.  She’s bringing us her spin on “accessories you can layer, and of course, lots of bangles.”  Affordability is her focus, “I want women to know they can look and feel great without spending a fortune.”  

Shine on, Kristin.

Kristin Quirks:

Other occupational choice: Therapist and/or Stylist

No one knows I: actually love writing.  It’s   


Current books: 50 Shades of Gray, and a ton health books,                                                           

               “The Unhealthy Truth” to name one.

Pregger Cravings: Fruit! Strawberries & Cherries

Fave Non dairy Replacement: Ice cream by Coconut Bliss

All natural remedy/Health tip: no pills for headache, take all natural,peppermint oil and rub on temples

Haven’t done but want to pursue: Producing, I love having                                                               

                                 creative control.

Entertainment Industry Influence & why: Charlize Theron,  

                            she’s that pretty face who  

                            blew everyone away with her  

                                work in “Monster”

Kristin’s Post Baby work out: Besides feeding burning 500

                                  calories a day, 15-20 min   

                                  cardio, 35-40 min light   

                                  weights 3-4 days a week.  

   Work-Out Motivation: It’s good for my mental health, and  

                   knowing it gives me more energy afterward.

 Words by: Christie Brooke

Christie Brooke

Christie Brooke